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The third annual research project offers key data about the translation and interpreting market in the United Kingdom. Benchmark your company’s performance, compare your pricing, profitability and margins to those of other companies, get a concise yet comprehensive overview of the technology trends.

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ATC members who complete the questionnaire will receive the full 30-page report

Non-members will receive a summary analysis

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UK-based language services companies can take part. Please complete the survey before 10th September 2017.


Protemos ATC Research-2015

Protemos translation business management system

Plunet ATC Research-2016

Plunet Business Manager

In 2017, you will receive the following information:

Highest grossing players in the UK

Financial performance and growth rates of key businesses in the sector

Overall market growth rate

Pricing, margins and profitability levels (trend over 3 years)

Technology adoption (TMS and Neural MT)

Gross salaries of LSP staff & change since 2015

KPIs for project managers & salespeople motivation schemes

Merger and acquisition potential

Potential of specialist verticals (life sciences, marketing transcreation)

Marcom channel performance

Completed reports

ATC Research-2015
ATC Research-2016



“Excellent survey, full of useful data”.

Paul Stewart, Wessex Translations

“Very much enjoyed your analysis, great data to see”.

Matt Train, TranslateMedia

Frequently asked questions

Methodology: the research relies on a combination of surveys, telephone interviews, annual report and fiscal data analysis. This allows us to identify key companies, and keep the report as representative of the market as possible, never missing an important vendor. After three years of surveying, ATC has collected more than 15 000 data points covering different aspects of business of UK-based providers.

Security of your data: we publish only industry averages and statistics. Individual company information will not be revealed to competitors. Data storage is protected by https protocol and encryption. Only the independent researcher has access to individual company data.

Access to the report: Findings from the survey will be presented at the Language Industry Summit 2017 in London 21st/22nd September. Participating ATC members will receive a copy of the full report free of charge. Non-ATC members contributing to this research will receive the summary analysis. The full report will cost £175 + VAT. If a non-ATC member company subsequently joins the Association within six months, that amount will be discounted from its first year’s membership subscription.

Take our 20-minute questionnaire


Contact information

Researcher: Konstantin Dranch ( conducts language industry research in the UK, France, Russia, and other countries since 2012.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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